REGWIRE specializes in delivering effective regulatory compliance and regulatory audit services to financial institutions, in both technical and non-technical areas of banking. REGWIRE is comprised of former Federal Bank Examiners, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Lending Officers, Chief Operations Officers, Chief Information Officers, BSA Officers and Treasurers. These senior regulatory and bank executive experiences are what differentiate us from other firms offering like services that do not have actual Bank Examiner and Bank Executive level experience.

REGWIRE performs Regulatory Remediation, Regulatory Audit, and Department Efficiency Review and Management services. Below is a description of each of our services.


REGWIRE provides effective Regulatory Remediation services. We specialize in helping institutions address regulatory Report of Examination criticisms, as well as regulatory formal and informal enforcement actions. As former Federal Bank Examiners we examined numerous institutions, wrote numerous Reports of Examination and assessed management compliance with these reports. We also recommended numerous Safety and Soundness, Information Technology (IT) and Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) regulatory formal and informal enforcement actions, and assessed management compliance with these actions. This regulatory experience is a very clear distinction between REGWIRE and other consulting firms offering regulatory remediation and compliance services.

We have the right background and skills to deliver regulatory compliance services. In our technical regulatory practice, we are former Federal Bank Examiner IT Examination Specialists; having both CISSP and CISA IT security certifications. Our IT regulatory compliance specialists have been Senior Vice Presidents and Chief Information Officers, have successfully managed small and large bank IT departments, have earned strong regulatory IT examination ratings, have successfully remediated significant regulatory IT criticisms and audit recommendations, and have implemented critical enterprise technology solutions; including complete networks and data centers. In our non-technical regulatory compliance services we are former Federal Bank Examiner Subject Matter Experts in Loan Review, Commercial Real Estate, Concentrations of Credit, ALLL Methodology and Adequacy, BSA/AML, Wire Transfer and ACH analyses and assessments.


REGWIRE provides correctly-scoped Regulatory Audit services. Who better to perform regulatory audits than former regulators? In our technical regulatory audit practice we perform GLBA and FFIEC IT security audits, Internal Network Vulnerability Security Assessments, External Network Vulnerability Security Assessments and Social Engineering audits. In our non-technical regulatory audit practice we perform Enterprise Risk Assessment, Risk Management, Internal Audit, Loan Portfolio, Commercial Real Estate, Concentration of Credit, ALLL Methodology and Adequacy, BSA/AML, Wire Transfer, ACH, Operations, Branch, Accounting, Strategic Plan and Budget, Liquidity Management, Asset/Liability Management, Interest Rate Risk, and Policies and Procedures assessments and audits.


REGWIRE provides real value-added Department Efficiency Review and Management services. We identify department process improvement opportunities which can result in significant cost reduction and resource optimization. We establish and improve department operations and administration by providing business-focused and regulatory-compliant policies, procedures, functions and controls. We also function as temporary department managers; for immediate, interim or longer-term engagements. We know your business, and we know it well; both as former Bank Examiners and Bank Officers and practitioners.

Whether you need a comparable quote for audit scope and pricing, need to change auditors due to approaching contract expiration or due to inadequate auditor performance, or simply need to alternate auditors to comply with best audit cycle rotation practices, consider REGWIRE as the solution.

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